Bridging Disability and Development   

Bukwo – Sironko Human Rights Project (2012-2014)

The two year project funded by the European Union aimed at improving inclusion of Persons with Disabilities  in  governance  and  development  processes  of  their  societies  through  increased observance of their rights by duty bearers. The project targeted Persons with Disabilities, Leaders, District technical teams, Service providers, Civil Society organizations, Disability People Organizations, statutory bodies. The result of the project has been the increased recognition of Persons with Disabilities in the planning processes in the two districts. By the end of the project 95 PWDs in Bukwo and Sironko districts had accessed social protection schemes under the district disability  grants  and  agriculture  inputs,  01  PWDs  in  Sironko  Town  Council  was  employed  to supervise the construction of the feeder roads in the council, 22 PWDs in Sironko district access loan from the community based SACCOs. The two districts governments had increased the budget allocation for disability activities such as the IDD celebrations, meetings etc. Generally, the project contributed  to  improved  attitudinal  change  among  communities  on  rights  of  Persons  with Disabilities.

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