Strategic Issues:

Donor fatigue and the impact of COVID 19 are negatively affecting the official aid resource envelop available for both developing and humanitarian assistance to civil society in the south. For example, UNHCR was only to get below 50% of its planned global budget for 2020, forcing its offices in Uganda to cut food rations by 30% . Therefore, to resource this ambitious strategic plan will call for CSU to adopt a more aggressive strategy both to raise more resources for its programmes from donors and strengthen generation of own local resources. To cut operations costs in the long run, CSU will embark on efforts to acquire its own Home. As one of its key strategies to meet this objective, CSU will also strengthen its leadership/governance and quality programme capacities.

Add Your Heading Text HStrategic Objective IV: CSU and its constituent members have improved institution and organizational capacity to deliver quality disability services in Ugandaere

Key Result Areas for Strategic Objective IV

4.1.1 Strengthened governance & leadership capacity for the BOT, Management Board and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to help CSU achieve its strategic objectives for 2012 -2015.

4.1.2 CSU raises adequate resources to finance the strategic plan & establish mechanism for strengthened self-sustenance

4.1.3 Strengthened accountability, learning and programming quality.


Key Strategic Interventions for Strategic Objective IV

4.1.1 Institute Board of Trustees structure separated from the Management Board which will be constituted by members to support and supervise the CSU SLT

4.1.2 Recruit & commission a new Management Board constituting of professional with a wide range of technical expertise to support the SLT

4.1.3 Review MOUs between the CSU as the secretariat and the other constituent members to streamline and regulate collaborative relationships

4.1.4 Conduct periodic capacity needs assessments and conduct training/coaching for members of the BOTs and the Management Board

4.1.5 Conduct periodical meetings for BoT and the Management Board members and conducting an annual stakeholder meeting to provide important feedback


4.2.1 Commission a donor mapping study to improve CSU’s knowledge & understanding of donor funding priorities and widen the donor base.

4.2.2 Develop a Joint Resource mobilization Plan, including strategies for growing the 5% of CSU own generated incomes & building a Home for CSU

4.2.3 Expand partnerships to engage with other CSU members and DPOs through formation of consortia and joint collaborative bidding

4.2.3 Maintain a ‘buffer fund’ able sustain a core staff team for at least 3 years  and undertake income generating projects and cost saving/recovery measures e.g. Build a permanent Office for CSU


4.3.1 Develop a Human Resources Development Plan to ensure the continuous re-skill, appraisal and motivation of staff

4.3.2 Strengthen Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning functions and processes through use of ‘state of the art’ computed based technology and tools to improve reporting and accountability to stakeholders

4.3.3 Review and strengthen internal financial control systems to eliminate risks of abuse or misappropriation of Organization resources by staff, agents & contractors

4.3.4 Establish strong complaints and feedback mechanisms in targeted communities/districts to collect important information on the performance of CSU programmes.