Katalemwa Cheshire Services

Katalemwa Cheshire home for Rehabilitation services (KCH) is a non-governmental development organization in Uganda involved in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. KCH’s programmes focus on holistic and comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation of CWDs with consideration of HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming.
KCH’s model of Programme implementation is through innovative Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) which emphasizes on direct service delivery so as to increase children’s access to quality rehabilitation services. Areas of operation include; Health care and rehabilitation, Inclusive education, Livelihood and economic empowerment, Advocacy and campaigns, Nutrition and food security, Access to disability appliances. In all programmes, Katalemwa ensures parental and community participation.


  • Address: Katalemwa Chesire Services 8 Km Gayaza Road, Mpererwe off Buwambo Road, Kampala
  • Location P.O Box 16548, Kampala- Uganda
  • Phone+256 414 590 739 | 752 494 529

Nkokonjeru Providence Cheshire Services

Nkokonjeru Providence Cheshire Home is the oldest service founded in 1926 by Mother Kevin, an Irish Franciscan Missionary Sister.  The home was meant to provide residence for the elderly and homeless patients who attended the St Francis Hospital Nkokonjeru also establish by Mother Kevin.  In the 1980s, the Little Sisters of St Francis started collaboration with Leonard Cheshire Foundation who supported institutional capacity development till the 1990s.  Since then the home became a member of the Cheshire Services Uganda.  The Centre supports disabled people with mobility appliances, education, livelihood training in baking, shoe making, tailoring, agriculture, handcraft, literacy trainings and treatment of epilepsy in collaboration with Butabika National Mental Hospital.  The centre also carries out community based programmes including resettling of young people with disabilities in their communities after rehabilitation.  Currently, due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the home has also opened doors for HIV/AIDs orphans.


  • Address:Nkokonjeru Providence Cheshire Services
  • LocationP.O Box 72, Uganda, Nkokonjeru, Kampala – Uganda

Budaka Cheshire Rehabilitation Service

Budaka Rehabilitation Home is a charitable organisation started in 1970. The purpose of the Home was to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities in Palissa and surrounding districts. Disabilities dealt with include polio, club foot, osteomyelitis, burn contractures, cleft palates and hydrocephalus. Short-term rehabilitation programmes are carried out including identification and mobilisation of the children, sensitization of their community, medical or surgical treatment, provision of appliances and follow-ups. The current aim of the centre is to work together with community in promoting public awareness and challenging the negative attitudes associated with disability. The centre’s main activities include support for education and rehabilitation as well as provision of residential care for those children abandoned by the parents or orphaned.


Butiru Cheshire Rehabilitation Service

Butiru Rehabilitation Centre is a non-governmental organisation run by the Sisters of Mary as a home for the rehabilitation of 40 – 60 disabled children. Children with physical disabilities are assessed through outreach clinics. Many of these are in need of operations. Opened in 1964, Butiru Rehabilitation Cheshire Home emphasizes on short-term rehabilitation for the physically disabled, especially children, vocational training school (tailoring skills), outreach clinics by Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Support for surgery, Physiotherapy and community disability awareness. The Centre also has an Orthopaedic workshop whose technicians were trained locally and they are now producing callipers, crutches, surgical boots, C.P. chairs, standing frames and repairing old appliances especially for children. Major disabilities handled at the centre include; Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Osteomyalitis, Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, Spinal Bifida, Vesco Vagina Vestula, T.B. and others. The Deaf and blind are referred for specialised care. Butiru often provides help and care for malnourished children. The number of residents at any one time is 40. The number of students attending vocational training ranges from 40 to 50.


  • Address: Butiru Cheshire Rehabilitation Service

St Francis Rehabilitation Center Pamba

St Francis Rehabilitation Centre is run by the Catholic Diocese of Soroti and provides accommodation and care for children with disabilities who have been neglected by their families. The Centre also supports their education and rehabilitation. The Centre finds children with various physical disabilities, in need of corrective surgery, arranges for their operations at local hospitals, mainly Kumi, and looks after them and their education including vocational training to enable them to be confident, useful members of their communities. Outreach clinics are arranged in communities to assess children, before they are referred for corrective surgeries. With support from a Dutch Charity Bake for Life” the centre has established a bakery which will give vocational training and, hopefully, an income to the Home. In addition, children also learn skills in tailoring. Other children are offered support to undertake secondary education from outside the centre.


  • Address: St Francis Rehabilitation Center Pamba Soroti, Uganda

St Francis Schools of the Blind Madera

St.Francis Primary and Secondary schools for the blind – Madera have served the area since 1955 and located 4 KM North of Soroti town along Moroto highway. The schools mainly cater for the visually impaired students. The primary section has a total of 79 Pupils of which 22 have low vision and 57 are blind. The school has a total of 18 staff teachers. In the secondary section, there are a total of 93 students of these 51 have a low vision and 42 are totally blind and a total 35 teachers. The key activity is formal education pre-school level to advanced secondary level. Initially, the school was started as a pre-primary and primary school. But due to the growing need for high quality specialised education, it was expanded gradually to include Ordinary level certificate at secondary level and Advanced level certificate in secondary education.


  • Address:St Francis Schools of the Blind Madera 4 KM North of Soroti town along Moroto highway