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Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Consultant (GESI)

Job description Project Officer
Duty Station: N/A


Cheshire Services Uganda (CSU) is a local organization working for and with persons with disabilities, orphans and other vulnerable children and was established in 1994 and legally registered in 1997. CSU envisions; “An inclusive society where the rights of Persons with disabilities are fully respected and where opportunities exist for them to reach their full potential and enjoy a better quality of life”. CSU is driven by a mission; “To rehabilitate and empower Persons with disabilities to lead a dignified and productive life.” Cheshire Uganda’s mandate include: To plan, mobilize resources and coordinate activities of the constituent services; To reduce illiteracy among Persons with Disabilities through promotion of education, training and life-long learning; To improve livelihoods of PWDs and their families through skills training, grants and other interventions; To provide quality and comprehensive rehabilitation services to Children with Disabilities (CWDs); To advocate for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and; To contribute to disability related policy change at both macro and micro levels. Cheshire Services Uganda undertakes its work in four thematic areas including; Disability Advocacy and Policy Influencing, Education, Emergency Responses, and Sustainable Livelihood.
CSU is currently implementing a Girls’ Education Challenge project with funding from FCDO aimed at supporting girls to transition from primary to secondary, post primary and vocational skills training institutions, tertiary and subsequently into employment. A total of 1910 girls and 558 boys from slum communities of Kampala city are being supported during this 2nd phase of the project. For those still in primary, the goal is to have them complete the primary education cycle during the lifetime of the project.
Note: CSU has zero tolerance for violence against children and vulnerable adults and is committed to Do No Harm principles therefore this assignment will require you to adhere to the CSU safeguarding policy code of conduct. The selected consultant will be availed with a copy of the Code of Conduct and a commitment form.

Rationale for the Short-Term GESI Consultant

CSU seeks to recruit a dedicated short-term consultant to support the organisation and its staff to realise a GESI sensitive culture in all its operations as well as support all initiatives to reach required minimum compliance as per the established frameworks/standards (framework attached). The consultant will not be a full-time employee of CSU and will work according to the agreed terms and schedules of the contract. The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director and in collaboration with the Head of Safeguarding and Advocacy.

Objectives of this assignment;

  • To support CSU and its staff to establish strong systems that nurture a strong GESI sensitive and safeguarding culture across all operations including downstream partners.
  • To enhance MEL systems, facilitation approaches and IEC development with a GESI and safeguarding perspective.
  • To develop a GESI strategy and action/monitoring and support rollout processes.
  • To build the capacity of CSU staff in GESI and safeguarding integration across all the operations/levels.

Expected Outcomes/deliverables of the Short-Term GESI consultancy:

  • There is a strong GESI sensitive culture across all CSU Operations and amongst downstream partners.
  • GESI strategy developed.
  • Monitoring action plan developed (with a strong disability lens/focus) – aligned to the GESI assessment framework.
  • Clear GESI action plan and activities are all budgeted for.
  • Roll out the GESI strategy, action and monitoring plan
  • Capacity gap analysis report and action plan to address.
  • Conduct 02 GESI self-assessment based on the GESI framework
  • All staff demonstrate a GESI sensitive approach in planning, design, implementation, communication work, monitoring & evaluation activities.
  • IEC/ training manuals and other related documents reviewed and aligned to GESI and safeguarding requirements/perspective.
  • A final report detailing activities delivered, outcome and further recommendations

Timelines of the assignment

The assignment is a technical support role and will last for a period of six months and actual days of work will depend on the agreed upon schedules/measurement of work i.e. days/hours worked. (Up to a maximum of 8 days a month).


Interested consultants should submit an Expression of Interest detailing the following;

  • A cover letter with a clear description of how the skills and experience meet the TOR requirements, understanding of the assignment, work schedule/ availability and work measurements i.e. days/hours.
  • Copy of the CV, including recent completed related assignments, references of at least three (3) recent clients.


  • Master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies, social sciences, Human rights or related fields.
  • At least 7 years of experience in gender equality and social inclusion.
  • Has experience working in Uganda/ understands the Ugandan context
  • Has experience designing GESI strategies with a strong disability lens/focus
  • Familiarity with gender-age- and disability-sensitive approaches to M&E
  • Previous experience in developing a programme-wide GESI Strategy and Action Plan
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards; and strong ethical standards to safeguarding
  • Committed and available within the period of the assignment Excellent communication skills (written and oral), a strong command of English language and excellent research and analytical writing skills

Note: All People including People with disabilities, all genders and from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Submission Contact Details:
Prospective candidates should Submit application to the Procurement Officer, or addressed to:
Cheshire Services Uganda
Plot 1833, Kaduyu road, Kyambogo
Opposite Inter-University Council for East Africa.
P.O. Box 70012 Clock Tower, Kampala, Uganda,
Tel: +256 (0) 39 2002140(/1/2)

Deadline: 5:00pm on 28/1/2021

Download the Terms of Reference