Bridging Disability and Development   

Cheshire Services Uganda Team

Cheshire Services Uganda Management

Cheshire Services Uganda is governed by a 9-member Board responsible for strategic direction including formulation and approval of policies, programmes and budgets in addition to provision of oversight function. The Board works through 4 sub committees thus; Executive Committee; Finance and programmes Committee; Human Resource and Development Committee and Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

CSU management is led by the Executive Director who is responsible for day to day delivery of organization programmes. The organization has over 55 paid staff and 2 volunteers who carry out the day to day implementation of the organization programs.

The organization has over the years developed management systems especially financial, procurement, whistle blowing, Board, Anti-money laundering, human resource polices that have contributed to a good working relationship with our partners. These have enabled the right utilization of organization resources to create an impact on the lives of Persons with Disabilities.

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