Bridging Disability and Development   

Our History

Bridging Disability and Development

Cheshire Services Uganda (CSU)

Cheshire Services Uganda is a local organization working to uplift the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities. Established in 1994, Cheshire Services Uganda is comprised of 7 Cheshire services of Katalemwa, Nkokonjeru Providence, Buluba, Budaka, Butiru, Pamba and the two St Francis Schools of the Blind in Soroti. Cheshire Services Uganda was established in 1994 and legally registered in 1997 as National Council of Leonard Cheshire Homes in Uganda. In March 2012, the organization changed the name to Cheshire Services Uganda as one of the ways of expanding her scope of work to include community based programmes targeting Persons with Disabilities.


An inclusive society where the rights of Persons with disabilities are fully respected and where opportunities exist for them to reach their full potential and enjoy a better quality of life.


To rehabilitate and empower Persons with disabilities to lead a dignified and productive life through inclusive education, livelihood improvement, research and advocacy.
Our Values
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