Bridging Disability and Development   

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

We promote rights-based education for Children and Young People with Disabilities through Inclusive Education.  This is done through addressing family, school, policy and child related barriers to participation in education.  At family level, we support interventions that help create resilience to enable the child keep in school.  At school we support development of inclusive practices that contribute to a child friendly environment for all children regardless of their backgrounds.  At policy level, we work to increase engagement with policy makers to support implementation of education policies that contribute to increase in participation of children with disabilities in school.  At child level, we help rehabilitate and empower children to prepare them to be in school while building their esteem to co-exist with other children without disabilities in the same school.


We integrate a number of programme components and approaches to include; Gender Mainstreaming, Safeguarding, Gender and Social Inclusion, Health and Rehabilitation, Climate Change and Environmental Conservation.

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