Our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Just last year (2021), CSU launched an ambitious 5-year strategic plan for the period 2021-2025to direct her future. The Strategic Plan focuses on five strategic objectives: –

SO1: By 2025, 5000 children and youth with disabilities in targeted districts access quality inclusive education at all levels

SO2: By 2025, 1500 households with CYWD have improved incomes and quality of life by engaging in sustainable livelihoods and gainful employment

SO3: By 2025 CSU plays a leading role in relevant disability advocacy and lobby networks in Uganda that influence policy, practice, legislation and disability programming 

SO4: CSU and its constituent members have improved institution and organizational capacity to deliver quality disability services in Uganda

SO5: Improved capacity for Humanitarian preparedness and response to address needs of PWDS in communities affected by human conflict and Disasters

As with the past strategic plans where success has depended on both CSU internal efforts and also development partners, we would like to continue seeking for more partnerships in order to realize our 2021-2025 Strategic plan.