Past Projects

EU-Human Rights Project (2012-2014)

The two year project funded by the European Union, under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, ran from April 2012- March 2014. The project aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of Persons with Disabilities by the duty bearers through strengthening the capacity of Persons with Disabilities and creating awareness on disability.

Livelihoods (2011 -2014)

The 3 years Livelihoods project was a partnership between CSU and Leonard Cheshire Disability with a funding from the European Union.  The project was implemented in Budaka and Buikwe districts of Eastern and Central Uganda respectively.

The overall objective of the project was to uplift Persons with Disabilities out of poverty through support for sustainable livelihoods.

Specific objectives of the project included;

  1. To equip PWDs with marketable vocational, technical and business skills
  2. To support access to micro credit by PWDs
  3. To create awareness on disability among duty bearers such as employers, government etc
  4. To strengthen community groups of PWDs and introduce livelihoods component and self regulated social protection schemes.

The project benefited over 700 Persons with Disabilities who were supported through skills development partnering with vocational institution and Artisans in the two districts. In addition, we organized Persons with Disabilities in community groups, trained them in business skills and provided a revolving fund to enable them start income generating activities. We also conducted capacity building trainings for PWD leaders, Community development Officers, General Councilors, training institutions, Supported rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities by providing assistive/mobility devices, trained PWDs in life skills, Computer skills, provided counseling and career guidance in both communities and training institutions and established two One stop Livelihoods Resource Centers providing disability and livelihoods information to both Persons with Disabilities and the general public.

Young Voices Advocacy Project

The Young Voices project was a 3 year (2011-2013) global campaign network of Young People with Disabilities implemented in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability funded by the European Union. The project was implemented in the districts of Buikwe and Budaka and aimed at empowering Youths with Disabilities to be able to advocate and campaign for the rights of Persons with Disabilities both at local and National Level. The Youths with Disabilities were trained on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and other local legislation’s to be able to lobby for implementation of the UNCRPD.

The achievements of the project include;

  1. PWDs in Buikwe and Budaka are increasingly participating in political and leadership spheres for example in Buikwe district, two Young Voice members were elected as town Council Speaker and Deputy Town Mayor.
  2. Young Voice members have campaigned for accessibility to public places for example Buikwe district administration block was adapted after the Young Voices lobbied the District Chairperson.  The same was done by the Nkokonjeru Catholic Church after lobbying the Parish Priest.
  3. Young Voice project has contributed to increased awareness about disability in the community following open sensitization and radio talk shows
  4. Members’ capacity to advocate has been greatly improved and they can confidently  engage with duty bearers on disability rights
  5. The Young Voices project has been recognized in the districts as a change agent on issues of disability.

Kaliro Human Rights Projects (2011-2013)

In 2011 June, Cheshire Services Uganda (CSU) started implementing a 2 year (June 2011 to May 2013) human rights project (PWD rights campaign and advocacy project) funded by the Independent Development Fund (IDF) in Kaliro district in the sub-counties of Gadumire, Namwiwa, Namugongo, Nawaikoke, Bumanya and Kaliro Town Council). The project objectives  was to contribute to social inclusion and improved dignity of Persons with Disabilities in society's development. The specific objectives of the project included;

  1. To build the capacity of Persons with Disabilities to advocate for their rights
  2. To lobby and network with government, civil society and other service providers to promote rights of Persons with Disabilities in Kaliro district
  3. To create awareness on disability rights in communities.

Project achievements include;

  1. Trained 60 Youths with Disabilities on the UNCRPD and local legislation’s to enhance their advocacy capacity
  2. Trained 12 PWD leaders at lower local government and district level and 16 District elected representatives.
  3. Trained 7 Community Development Officer, 30 Service Providers
  4. Conducted community sensitization throughout the district through open day sensitization, radio talk shows, Information Education and communication material production and distribution

Inclusive Education

Funded by Rotary International Britain and Ireland and Hilton in the Community Foundation, the project aimed to facilitate enrollment and retention of 1000 Children with disabilities in 20 local government aided mainstream schools in Budaka and Buikwe districts.

The project specific objectives included;

  1. To support an accessible school environment for Children with Disabilities through environmental adaptation, accessible learning materials and water and sanitation.  
  2. To enhance the capacity of education actors including teachers, school Inclusive Education Committees, Parents Support Groups and local education authorities through training on Inclusive Education and disability to be able to work with children with disabilities. 
  3.  To raise awareness on disability and Inclusive Education among stakeholders including communities, children and DPOs. 
  4. To promote the concept of peer support and co-existence among learners through Child to Child approach. 
  5. To develop a model for policy influences both at local and national level.

The project achievements include:

  1. Enrollment and retention of 781 children with disabilities in the 20 schools.
  2. Increased capacity of 100 teachers, 60 education officers, 100 members of the school committees and over 500 parents on Inclusive education and disability.
  3. Increased awareness on disability and Inclusive education among the communities in the two districts.
  4. Children in the 20 schools have increased awareness on the rights of children with disabilities and provide peer support both during the learning process and in extra-curricular activities.

 Water and Sanitation (2011-2012)

The project aimed at promoting access to clean water by children with disabilities and communities in Pamba Soroti district.  The project funded by the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC Uganda).  The achievement of the project is a functional borehole drilled at St Francis Rehabilitation Center in Pamba.  With support from Rotary International Britain and Ireland and Leonard Cheshire Disability, CSU has also supported 12 primary schools with rain water harvesting systems to ease access by Children with Disabilities in these schools.  These include St Paul Boys, St Alphonsus Demonstration school Nkokonjeru,  Kikusa, St Kizito Nakatyaba Ngogwe, Magulu, St Maria Goretti Kinoga, St Maria Goretti Kikajja, Namukuma Church of Uganda, St Anthony School, St Claire School, Nakisenyi and Budaka Primary schools.

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