Current Projects

Girl Education Challenge Project (2013-2017)

In June 2013, CSU signed a funding contract with DFID to design a 4 years project to effect long-lasting and transformative change for girls with disabilities in Kampala district. The project will support 1,081 slum  and homeless street Girls with disabilities in Kampala City Council Authority to enrol and demonstrate learning and retention in mainstream primary schools. The project will address barriers arising out the school and education service as well as those barriers arising from the child and her family.  We will enhance the capacity of teachers to be able to work with girls with disabilities, improve on school physical environment, create awareness on disability among the school community including parents, support children with accessible learning materials, support with rehabilitation and assessment, create awareness in the community on disability and girl education and improve household incomes for parents of girls with disabilities in order for them to provide for education needs of girls.

Projects achievements to date:

  • 2024 Girls with disabilities are being supported by the project in 119 Schools with medical assessment, school fees, scholastic materials, and school meals, transport to and from school among others.
  • 100 girls with disabilities have been settled with alternative care centres and are being supported to go to school, meals and personal effects
  • A total of 974 Girls with Disabilities have been rehabilitated by the project (the services offered to the girls include surgeries, provision of assistive devices, physiotherapy).
  • A total of 1030 teachers have been trained in Disability and Inclusive Education methodologies and these have supported the retention and learning of over 2000 girls with disabilities
  • 108 education stakeholders have been trained in inclusive education and school based policy formulation and implementation
  • 1806 parents of girls with disabilities have been trained in business skills and provided with a grant
  • 1924 parents of girls with disabilities have been reached with sensitizations on disability, peer support and rehabilitation orientation.
  • 10 model schools in Kampala have been supported with accessible water borne toilets, walk ways and ramps.
  • 10 model schools in Kampala have been equipped with an assortment of teaching and learning materials.
  • 47979 non-disabled have been sensitized and demonstrated a change in attitude towards disability.
  • 4017 parents of non-disabled have been sensitised on disability to change their attitude. 
  • 1841 community leaders have been reached with sensitizations on disability, child protection and cases of violation reporting mechanisms
  • Media partnerships have been made to support media based advocacy and awareness raising the right to education by Children with Disabilities.

Accessible and Sustainable Livelihoods Project(2015-2018)

The project "Accessible and Sustainable Livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities in Uganda" is a 3 year project implemented in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability with funding from the European Union. 900 Young Persons with Disabilities from Moyo and Adjuman will benefit from skills development to enhance their employability. Through the Livelihoods Resource Centre model, Young Persons with Disabilities will also be provided with career guidance and counselling, basic life skills,medical assessment and rehabilitation, professional training and support into employment.  The project will also work with training providers to offer training and apprenticeship opportunities fro Persons with Disabilities. We shall facilitate access to grants and loans to PWDs through working with Micro-Finance Institutions. We will engage parents, communities and employers to help change attitudes towards disability and foster a more supportive environment. 

Project achievements to date:

  • 01 baseline survey conducted and disseminated
  • 332 Youth with Disabilities trained in Vocational skills
  • 250 PWDs provided with start up kits to start businesses
  • 16 PWDs business groups formed comprising of 240 members
  • 161 local leaders trained on disability and development to mainstream disability in district development plans
  • 45 Vocational instructors trained on Disability

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