St Francis Schools of the Blind Madera

St.Francis Primary and Secondary schools for the blind – Madera have served the area since 1955 and located 4 KM North of Soroti town along Moroto highway. The schools mainly cater for the visually impaired students. The primary section has a total of 79 Pupils of which 22 have low vision and 57 are blind. The school has a total of 18 staff teachers. In the secondary section, there are a total of 93 students of these 51 have a low vision and 42 are totally blind and a total 35 teachers.  The key activity is formal education pre-school level to advanced secondary level. Initially, the school was started as a pre-primary and primary school. But due to the growing need for high quality specialised education, it was expanded gradually to include Ordinary level certificate at secondary level and Advanced level certificate in secondary education.

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