Budaka Cheshire Rehabilitation Service

Budaka Rehabilitation Home is a charitable organisation started in 1970.  The purpose of the Home was to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities in Palissa and surrounding districts. Disabilities dealt with include polio, club foot, osteomyelitis, burn contractures, cleft palates and hydrocephalus. Short-term rehabilitation programmes are carried out including identification and mobilisation of the children, sensitisation of their community, medical or surgical treatment, provision of appliances and follow-ups.  The current aim of the centre is to work together with community in promoting public awareness and challenging the negative attitudes associated with disability.  The centre’s main activities include support for education and rehabilitation as well as provision of residential care for those children abandoned by the parents or orphaned.


P.o Box 146,

Mbale Uganda

Website: www.foag.co.uk/budakacheshirehome

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