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  • Jesus says in A Course in Miracles, Your part is essential to God’s plan for salvation [W-pI.100]. The plan could not be complete without you completing your part.Frances and I were just speaking this morning before we came down, that all of you have a very big part in this plan of Awakening.

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  • Non Dual Teachers
    Across the world there are no non dual teachers like David Hoffmeister.Here’s a recent article from a talk called “Let Go and Let God:”
    You can't go wrong with “thy will be done.” So we are here at the Happy Dream Retreat, and we were talking to Maria about all these things that were unfolding, about possibly a property down here and everything clicking in, the donation and everything, but still ... we haven't heard back, but the prayer is always: “Thy will be done.” So we can rest content in: Your will be done, Your will be done. It's so peaceful, it's so simple, it's so relaxing. And it's not a prayer for outcomes of the world, it's a prayer for our state of mind and it's a prayer to know God's grace and God's love, to know our will in Heaven.
    But I feel like if any of you have studied and non dual teachers or any Eastern philosophies, like the Buddha ... You know the Buddha talked about emptying the mind, there's a great focus on that. And even with Aveda Vedanta, RamanaMaharshi, a lot of fantastic non-dual pathways are saying: empty your mind, empty your mind of the contents of consciousness. There's not really like some kind of positive goal that's in the world. You don’t see Buddhists that shave their heads, they've got their orange robes on and they're not waiting to hit the lottery or something to go, Ah! I'm almost there! as if some outcome in the world will show favor, like things are going well, like you're close, you hit the jackpot or something like that.
    And I think the Course is really pretty much the same way, that's why we say: Thy will be done, God's will be done. I would say it's not only the safest prayer, but it's just only the prayer, it's the only prayer there is, ultimately. But we have to gain confidence in it, we have to gain trust in it, we have to feel the miraculous experiences of that state of mind, maybe even glimmers of that state of mind to go, Mmm ... Thy will be done, God's will be done. You know we need something to say: I'm going to keep coming that's not necessarily an outcome in the world. This is not like very many other non dual teachers, and so this is where I would say the Course takes us beyond. I call it sometimes the magic of manifesting, not that there's anything wrong with it because if you feel very deprived and lacking and you need some symbols along the way to show how powerful your mind is, that's good, that can be very helpful. But it's still preliminary, it's not like where it's all heading. Where it's heading is that we have everything, we are everything, we've always been everything and there's a deep resonance with that.Non dual teachers: David Hoffmeister.
    Nondual Teachers

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